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The beauty industry is always evolving. So whether you are old school or just to old to change you might consider change.

Change is good! Its better for all the right reasons.

There are several NEW and innovative products that have been introduced in the past few years. As you enter this site please remember, We do not sell products found in the Drug, Grocery or Big Box wholesale or chain stores.

We Sell and distribute Salon Only hair care available in salon only environments.

So you know your Old School if your salon retail products have been on your shelf the past few years and is also available next to your toothpaste in your local grocery or advertised on the TV shopping networks or even in the Sunday newspapers.

Don't be consumed by Big manufactures telling you what beauty is or should be by expensive advertising campaigns and flash talk. 85% of the industry is held by two companies telling you what to do and sell.

So be creative and Get on board!

Make some money and feel good about the products you use and sell to your salon guests. If you do not sell them, then someone else will. Most consumers are in the grocery stores 3 times a week so capture your salon visits with Salon Only Retail.

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Be Healthy & Safe & follow the rules.

The Brazilian Blowout: Is It Safe?

BE SAFE and switch to a healthier more reliable product line.

We will no longer supply The Brazilian Blowout:

In order to comply with Colorado State Board for 2013 all product is based on inventory on hand. Brazilian Blowout will not refund, exchange or take back our products.

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